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Infrared process heating was developed to increase production rates and efficiencies.?Red Ray continues to bring industrial customers around the world production cost savings with a unique product line that can be tailored to each application.

Red-Ray Manufacturing Company was established in 1939 by Mr. Gill McLaughlin, the inventor of the original dual ceramic infrared burner. A pioneer in the gas-fired infrared field, Mr. McLaughlin led the company until 1971. During this period, Red-Ray was granted multiple patents for gas impingement styles of burners.

Gas Fired Infrared Burners & Systems

Red-Ray has is?a leading manufacturer and seller of high intensity gas fired infrared burners and premix air-gas delivery systems used for heating, drying and curing in many industrial applications such as finishing, powder coating, food, line painting, carpet, flooring, paper and textiles.

Red-Ray’s broad range of direct gas-fired burners employs an air-gas mixture that combusts and heats an emitter to produce high temperatures and maximum radiation in the medium wavelength 1-5 micron range. Products include surface combustion and gas impingement burners as well as a compact operating and control unit.

Selas Heat Technology Company acquired Red-Ray in 2012 to expand on its line of heat technology products with another leader in its field.

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