Ray Burner®

Improve furnace performance with Ray burners

Ray Burner products use advanced design, unitized combustion systems for applications to Scotch Marine, Water Tube, Cast Iron, or Firebox boilers. Burner products are for pressurized or balanced draft operation. Types available to burn multiple grades of fuel oil, gas or combination burners for gas/oil.

These burners are factory piped, wired and tested with integral controls. They are fully automatic and have maximum capacity ranges, in appropriate types and sizes, from 8 to 700 developed horsepower output.

They are ideal for boiler applications for factories, office buildings, apartment building, churches, schools, hospitals, greenhouses, garages, finishing ovens, or direct firing lumber and ceramic drying kilns, precious metal melting pots, incinerators, and many other heating applications including food processing and textile drying.

Ray Packaged burners are available in sizes from 500 BTU per hour (8.3 hp) to 30 million BTU per hour (700 hp).

? All models are rated against 1 inch W.C. furnace pressure. Most burners will fire against substantially higher back pressures but may require de-rating in some cases.
? Ray burner models are available to burn all grades of oil and most gases. This includes #6 and Bunker C heavy down to #2 or Diesel oil; and natural gas, LPG, Propane, Butane and Digester, other gases when review by our application engineers.
? All Ray burners are UL listing and CSD-1/GE Gap and FM requirements can be met when desired for different applications.

Ray burners can be applied to a variety of heat receivers including boilers; furnaces of all kinds, (heat treating, warm air, etc.); agricultural driers, incinerators, and low temperature retort applications.

A service technician can easily convert existing fire tube boilers can be modernized quickly and inexpensively with new Ray burners.

Ray equipment is noted for flame stability and can be successfully applied to solve difficult problems. Refractory requirements are minimal and usually only needed to protect surfaces.

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