Selas Refrak<sup>?</sup> Screen Burners

Selas Refrak? Screen Burners

Sealed-in tunnel burners with superior flame retention and combustion characteristics.

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Selas KVA Radiant Burners

Selas KVA Radiant Burners

With a turndown of 20:1 and high speed radiant heat transfer, allows the position of the burner tip to change as the pressure by the fuel mixture changes.

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Selas Duradiant<sup>®</sup> Furnace Wall Burners

Selas Duradiant® Furnace Wall Burners

Comprised of two burner types (above and below 2000°F/1093°C), each furnace wall burner is manufactured in a high and low capacity range. Parts are ceramic or alloy.

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Selas Duradiant<sup>®</sup> Light-Duty, Panel-Type Wall Burners

Selas Duradiant® Light-Duty, Panel-Type Wall Burners

Intended for use in furnace walls or roofs, and where close burner spacing is required. Recommended for use where temperatures do not exceed 2000°F (1093°C).

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Selas Duradiant<sup>®</sup> Semi-Furnace Burners

Selas Duradiant® Semi-Furnace Burners

Designed for mounting into vertical refractory walls or panels with 4-1/2" (114mm) thick wall construction. All critical metallic parts are fabricated of heat resistant alloy steel.

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Selas Duradiant<sup>®</sup> Line Arrangement Wall Burners

Selas Duradiant® Line Arrangement Wall Burners

Provide close coupling of radiant heat sources, and are ideal for light-duty heating applications.

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Selas Duradiant<sup>®</sup> Open Firing Radiant Cup Burners

Selas Duradiant® Open Firing Radiant Cup Burners

Offer controlled radiant heat to improve product quality and enhance productivity. Available in a range of sizes, cup contours and housings, and mount in any position.

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