Designed for limited space applications requiring concentrated heat patterns, Stainless Steel Utility Ribbon Burners provide a wide range of flexibility with respect to capacities, flame patterns (broad flat, needle point, cone, etc.) and sizes. They are utilized in industries such as plastics (bottles, caps, cup, plates, Frisbees, automotive) and glass, wire, labs and metals. The Selas patented stainless steel ribbon port construction consistently produces a balanced flame over a wide turndown range. All burner ports are precision manufactured for specific flame patterns. Burner bodies are constructed of stainless steel alloy rather as opposed to the cast iron ribbon burners commonly seen.

Available in various sizes from 2” to 36”, all Selas Ribbon Burners will perform efficiently with all gases and with any type of gas mixing system.

Maximum premix burner pressure allowable is 1-1/4” W.C. When premix systems operating at higher pressures are used, a restriction orifice must be installed in the feed inlet to each burner. Standard ?” x ?” x 5/16” orifice restrictions can be furnished on request.

Burners with special ribbon constructions for more burner capacity or lengths greater than those listed can be provided on request.