New Product: QuadCool? Ribbon Burner

The new QuadCool ribbon burner delivers best-in-class striation-free surface treatment.

  • Internal Water Cooling on Four Sides of Burner
  • Anodized Aluminum Body
  • New “Drop-in” Ribbon Packs
  • Keeps Burner Straight and Stable to 0.002”
  • Easy Handling and Spray and Wipe Cleaning
  • Clean Design for Easy Efficient Maintenance
  • Uniform Heat Transfer
  • Quick Replacement and Cleaning

More Energy Efficient, Plus Greater Throughput

The QuadCool burner features Selas’ proven SheetFlame ribbon design that provides a uniform flame pattern across the entire width of the burner. It was developed specifically for applications where continuous level, direct flame is required and where any distortion of the flame pattern would be detrimental to the finish of the product.

The SheetFlame ribbon uses an innovative port-free design, which eliminates striation lines in the treated substrate, unlike with ported ribbons. The SheetFlame ribbon projects even, continuous energy across the whole substrate, permitting fast line speeds and uninterrupted productivity.


Rugged Construction for Optimal Performance

The new Selas QuadCool surface modification burner features anodized aluminum construction with internal cooling tubes on 4 sides and flow in any direction. Heat deflection is minimized to an industry leading <1/16”, achieving near perfect parallel energy distribution across any substrate. QuadCool will remain parallel to all backup rolls to within 0.002”, even during high temperature operation.

Engineered for Simple Retrofit, Replacement and Maintenance

quadcool-burnerDrop-in replacement ribbon packs make cleaning maintenance and BTU output changes fast and easy while the burner is still mounted on the machine. A wide variety of ribbon packs are available, making the QuadCool very versatile for any 2D application. With available quick disconnect water and fuel connections, removing the burner takes only seconds rather than minutes or hours. Manufactured from anodized aluminum, the QuadCool is available in any length up to 3.5m (140”).

Product Specifications

  • Available options: quick disconnects on gas and water lines, deckling, auto-deckling
  • Available in any length up to 3.5m (140”)
  • Capacity range: 1,000 BTU/hr/in to 60,000 BTU/hr/in
  • Requires 30% less energy
  • Increases throughput up to 100%
  • ?” SheetFlame on the new QuadCool burner enabled 66% faster speeds than the same ribbon in a standard high capacity burner
  • Wider 1” and 1-1/4” SheetFlame ribbon pack offered, for dramatically increased speeds and throughput by virtue of increased energy transference


  • Lamination
  • Singeing
  • Metal foil/Decontamination
  • Surface modification
  • Linear 2D plastics
  • Converting
  • Preheating

Features and Benefits

  • Internal water cooling on four sides of the burner, keeping it straight and stable to 0.002”
  • Anodized aluminum body for easy handling, spray and wipe cleaning, easy efficient maintenance, and uniform heat transfer.
  • New drop-in ribbon packs for quick replacement and cleaning