Utilizing a tube running inside a pipe ribbon burner, the lateral heat equalizer allows the operator to easily adjust the flame back and forth across the flame space of the burner to achieve a large flame at either end, or an evenly balanced flame across the oven. There is a slight pressure drop in the burner, due to the blockage caused by the tube, but the overall change is minimal. Once an oven is tuned, and proper balance is achieved, the lateral heat equalizer has a cover that is screwed on, and further adjustment due to accidental changes is eliminated.

The lateral heat equalizer is made entirely of bronze, and all moving parts are located outside the oven. Adjustments are made while the oven is in operation, and may be readily observed by the operator through the oven plate sight hole. Available in 1-?”, 1-?” and 2” pipe sizes, to fit the most common pipe ribbon burners.