The High Capacity Slot Burner is a direct impingement burner designed specifically for applications requiring maximum heat and absolute balance of the burner flame. They are particularly adaptable to singeing, laminating, drying, curing, heat treating of plastics and similar operations, where positive flame control is essential. They can be constructed in a manner that eliminates all irregularities and breaks in the flame, found in most burners of this type.

Ignition is immediate over the entire flame space with a large range of turndown and immediate shutoff is assured without flashback. This slot burner is fabricated of 1” to 12” sections which are bolted together to the desired burner length, with a continuous ribbon installed to assure uninterrupted flame conditions along the entire length. They can be operated in conjunction with any type of gas and air-gas mixing system. Balanced blue flame ratings per 12” section are set at a maximum of 100,000 BTU for ink drying, cloth singeing, etc. Precision engineered for exacting requirements, Selas High Capacity Ribbon Burners offer long and trouble free service.

Where absolute flame balance is not essential such as applications for air-heating, catalytic incinerating, fire polishing of glass, etc., these burners may be configured to operate with outputs up to 720,000 BTU per 12” section. They will retain a stable flame where air velocities passing over the burner do not exceed 2500 FPM.

By combining the end feed sections with bottom feed sections, in various configurations, continuous burners up to 42 feet in length have been built. By combining a supply manifold with distributed bottom feed castings, extremely even flame lengths can be obtained with maximum rigidity of the burner.

Available for the High Capacity Burner is a Water Jacket, created for the purpose of keeping the burner perfectly straight during high fire production runs. When tolerances for treating are extremely tight and the flame needs to be as flat to the product as possible, the water jacket allows the excess heat from the burner to be “washed away”. By running chilled water through the water jacket we are able to keep the burner within tolerances not previously achieved with the burner alone.