Black Pipe Ribbon Burners
Cost effective pipe burners are adaptable to practically any type of heat application. They are constructed with extra heavy cast iron pipe (schedule 80 black pipe) or stainless, with a wide range of ribbon designs. Any desirable flame space can be furnished, from 1″ to 21 feet long in a single length and longer when flanged together.

Pipe diameters range from ?” to 4” with 1” to 2” being most common. A pipe burner works with a feed nipple, flame space and tail nipple. The burner can be threaded on one end with a plug or cap on the other. Longer burners, over 2 meters, should be fed at both ends, or other burners, such as lateral heat equalizer or TriZone, should be use.

Our pipe burners are pinned every 4” versus 5-3/4” on competitive models. This provides additional stability to the burner. We only use stainless steel pin in our manufacturing.

Flame capacities range from 100 to 10,000 BTUs per inch. Many thousands of these burners are in use throughout the world and Selas is the patent holder for this product. We use .020 x 3/8” stainless steel ribbons for long-lasting, non-corroding burners.

Stainless Steel Ribbon Burners
These burners have all the same characteristics as extra heavy black pipe ribbon burners however utilizing stainless steel removes the possibility of spalling from corrosion inside the burner. This is the number one reason for burner failure. By using extra heavy SS pipe you can expect years of maintenance-free service from our burners.