Schedule 160 Pipe Burners are twice as heavy as our standard Schedule 80 pipe burners. They were designed to replace cast iron band burners, extruded burners, and drilled pipe burners. Because of their mass, they resist bowing and can remain straight with high ambient temperatures in biscuit and cracker ovens, furnaces, kilns and other high heat applications.

160 Pipe Burners are competitively priced, even as the cost of cast iron and extruded materials have skyrocketed. They can be fabricated to virtually any desired lengths and are easily adaptable to TriZone type burners.

Customers have shown that in applications where cast iron or extruded burners were turned into “pretzels” the 160 Pipe Burners remained straight and true for many years of service.

Comparision of Schedule 80 and 160 pipe.