The Hi-Tri? Zone Burner is the newest in series of TriZone Burners from Selas.

The Hi-Tri uses the latest technology developed from years of research in bakery burners.

With a capacity of over 150,000 BTUs the Hi-Tri out performs all previous versions of zone burners in:

  • High Turndown ratio
  • BTU capacity
  • Zone Control Ability
  • Lateral Balance
  • Zone Heat Recovery

The design is an enlarged TriZone head which reduces pressure drop and back pressure. The feed nipple and burner are made from 2” heavy duty black pipe (also available in Stainless steel) and the tail nipple is 1-1/2” pipe. This design is made to retrofit existing 1-1/2” TriZone burners.

With a larger 2″ 2-tube configuration than its predecessor, the Hi-Tri burner incorporates a new manifold head to increase the burner’s BTU output by over 100%. With a much lower pressure drop, it can produce 150,000 BTU or more, versus standard burners which deliver up to 67,000 BTU, dramatically decreasing waste and improving heat recovery time.

The burner’s distribution manifold is manufactured in the same configuration as a typical TriZone, eliminating the need for additional training on the new burner. There are 2 distribution tubes instead of 3, doubling the size of the distribution tubes to reduce pressure drops and back pressure. The Near (N) zone uses an orifice instead of a tube allowing free flow into that zone. The Intermediate (I) zone is ?” tube drilled with distribution holes. The Opposite (O) zone is a 1” tube with an open end, which also relieves back pressure and pressure drops. Combined, these features allow the Hi-Tri Trizone burner to outperform any and all zone burners in the market.

As with our existing TriZone burners, the Hi-Tri has the highest turndown ratio at 32″ WC without liftoff, and down to 2″ WC without flame dancing.

The Hi-Tri burner has special features in the head and manifold assembly, such as gaskets around the manifold to prevent leakage and easy-to-read dial settings. All TriZone burners are pinned every 4″ for additional stability, versus competitors’ burners, which are pinned every 5-3/4″.

Hi-Tri Burner features include:

  • Customized configuration for desired zone distribution, e.g.: 25/50/25 or any combination, to a minimum 20% per zone
  • Reduces training time by using the same design as prior TriZone burners
  • Retrofits to ERB 1-1/2″ TriZone or other brand, in any oven
  • Improves oven heat recovery time by 100%
  • Decreases waste from recipe change-over
  • Available in black pipe or stainless steel