Custom Packages Provide Superior Performance
The TFR Packaged Immersion Tube Burner is a pre-packaged burner system specially designed for small bore (2.5” to 8″ diameter) immersion tubes in liquid tanks.

For use with Natural Gas or Propane, TFR packages are designed to produce high fire thermal inputs up to 3.5 MM Btu/hr. A robust, high velocity flame scrubs the tube surface promoting possible system efficiencies over 80%.

Higher firing rates are possible with induced draft exhaust fans and/or higher capacity, external combustion air blowers.

Features and Benefits

  • External blowers available for higher heat output capable of firing into longer tubes than integral combustion blower
  • Pilot gas train comes standard which ensures reliable ignition and flame stability
  • Flame sensor and spark plug can be removed without removing burner casing for reduced maintenance time and effort
  • 100% tested before leaving the factory to ensure reliable start-up

Operating Principles

Typical Applications

  • Parts Cleaning
  • Water Heating
  • Salt Bath Heaters
  • Produce Washing
  • Quench Tanks
  • Vaporizers
  • Bottle Washers
  • Plating Solutions
  • Acid Bath Heaters
  • Spray Washers
  • Product Storage Tanks
  • Liquid Tank Heating
  • Specially designed for small bore tube applications

Typical burner packages include:

  • Basic burner assembly (burner, spark ignitor, flame rod, and peep sight)
  • Integral combustion air blower fitted with TEFC blower motor (either 115/230/1/60 or 230/460/3/60) and air pressure switch
  • Air and fuel control with control motor (Precision air/gascontrol)
  • Gas train with automatic shut-off valves, pressure switches, and regulators, meeting the requirements of NFPA 86 & CSA for operation in North America. Configurations for operation in other countries are available, consult the factory.
  • Mounted, pre-wired NEMA 12 control panel with external display – includes on-off switch, reset button and burner run and flame failure indication lights

Add-on options include:

  • External combustion air blower
  • Ultra-violet scanner
  • Temperature controller
  • High temperature limit
  • Main gas regulator
  • Remote terminal control panel

Split Combustion Cone for Ultimate Thermal Output
To prevent over heating of the burner components and immersion tubes with high firing rates, the burner has been designed with a split combustion cone head where air is introduced into the flame at three points to provide cooling and improve flame stability.

Immersion Tube Applications
For burner applications that require 512,000 to 3.5 MM Btu/hr, TFR Package Burners offer length to diameter ratios up to 150:1 depending upon tube diameter. The TFR is designed with a small “footprint” to allow mounting in applications where other burners may not fit. External combustion blowers can be configured on packages for applications requiring higher thermal inputs or for firing into longer immersion tubes. For immersion tube applications for larger diameter bores, a TF package burner may be better suited. Gas trains can be configured for use in all countries, contact factory.