Using Spin-Works HeatCor? technology in conjunction with a second heat exchanger (the Dual-Finned Combustor Tube), the Energy Sabre 600 is a recuperative gas burner transfering a larger portion of combustion exhaust heat back to the burner air supply, and providing high preheat temperatures. The radiant tube burner design has been optimized to offset the high preheat temperatures using high velocity, staged combustion.


Superior Performance
The Energy Sabre 600 system’s patent pending design provides the highest efficiencies across all inputs while also providing excellent heat flux and unmatched radiant tube temperature uniformity across the length of the outer tube. The system boasts a Hot Spot Above Average (HSOA) of 42.5° F, which delivers the uniformity required in any quality-driven manufacturing process, while also ensuring long radiant tube life.


How It Works
spin-worksThe HeatCor? is an advanced patented silicon carbide heat exchanging insert (HEI) that uses 3D printing to easily integrate with process burners to provide increased efficiencies in a wide range of applications.

SER Retrofit Solutions
Improve the performance, heat output and fuel efficiency of existing furnaces using SER (single-end recuperative) burners with Selas’ new radiant tube burner.

The new Energy Sabre 600 burner can enhance combustion performance where existing burners and external recuperators have slowly deteriorated the overall efficiency of the furnace. As a result of installing the new Energy Sabre, end users can drastically improve both product quality and productivity as more of the energy input will be uniformly transferred to the product. The Energy Sabre 600 can be mounted in horizontal or vertical configurations and is suitable for continuous or batch type furnaces with a variety of atmospheres. Contact Selas Engineering to have your Energy Sabre custom sized and built to plug-and-play into your furnace today!

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Patent pending, application docket no. 92281-045414

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Features and Benefits

  • Thin Wall Silicon Carbide for high temperature operation with excellent thermal shock resistance and long life
  • Helical Channels increase surface area to maximize pre-heated combustion air temperatures
  • Ideal for applications in Steel & Aluminum processing furnaces to reduce fuel consumption
  • Reduced Fuel Use Due to High Efficiency Combustion
  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Increased Performance with 50% faster recovery time than old system (see bulletin)
  • Reduced Emissions
  • Longer Life Span than Alloy Recuperators