Inspirators Atmospheric air/gas mixers
The simplest and most economical way of blending air and gas fuel mixture is with a Selas Inspirator. This simple method uses gas under pressure through an orifice which entrains air and blends it in a tube. Designed to provide the best atmospheric mixture, it is available in multiple sizes. Whether you need just a few hundred BTU or thousands, Selas has the right mixer for you.

Proportional air/gas mixers use air as the catalyst through an orifice. This creates a vacuum and entrains the amount of gas required to achieve a stoichiometric flame. They are extremely efficient.

Available in multiple sizes, Selas Fueljectors have been independently evaluated as the best in the market. With a proportional air/gas mixer, the more air introduced the more gas is entrained, keeping the perfect balance of air to gas ratio. Regardless of the type of fuel (methane, propane, butane) our Fueljectors will keep the proportions to spec.