Ensign Ribbon Burner (ERB)

Engineered for direct flame impingement, flame treating & surface modification

Manufacturers of Ribbon Burners, Combustion Systems, Combustion Components and Controls for all industries.

ERB ribbon burners, air/gas mixers, ignition and safety units, combustion supply systems and controls are used in the baking, snack, laminating, textile, plastics (2D&3D), glass, wire, and metal industries, to name a few.


Inventing the ribbon burner in 1938 was just our first patent. Since then dozens of new technologies have been pioneered, such as cost competitive TriZone burners, water-cooled burners, and custom burners. ERB-Ensign offers all combustion components and engineering services, and we can design and fabricate burners for any shape, any size or BTU output.

ERB products are the benchmark of the industry. We are known to be problem-solvers, ready, willing, and able to help unravel your production obstacles. ERB has been in continuous operation since 1907, and we are proud of our heritage.CS-CL-(2)

The secret to being the best ribbon burner manufacturer in the world is our exclusive port to pilot ratio. The optimum port to pilot ratio allows us to provide the highest turndown ratio in the industry. We provide flame stability through a wide range of BTU output.

Selas Heat Technology Company acquired ERB in 2013.


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